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Queen-Bee takes one in the rear

Habsy, Jan 12, 13 1:50 PM.
Nice job Wednesday night people, Sha down next!

Just to say "We did it when it was content"

Habsy, Sep 11, 12 10:47 AM.
So we decided to not wait for MoP to get things done.  Deathwing has been a pain in the ass for almost 9 months now so we figured we'd kick his fatass back into the pit before starting things off right in Mists.

I'll be making a compilation video of H DS this week of all our kills (past and present). So be sure to check it out after Friday!

5.0.4 Drops today

Habsy, Aug 28, 12 1:56 PM.
Looks like 5.0.4 will be out today on schedule which means our first night of real raiding.  5pm tonight we'll see what this group is made of.

Fight sees light!

Habsy, Aug 22, 12 10:11 AM.
Just remember... 2nd sucks.

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